Drimpton Housing LVIA

Client: Broadwindsor Community Land Trust

Location: Drimpton, Dorset

Date: 2018


We carry out Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) for a range of clients, including developers, commercial landlords local authorities and public sector clients. The LVIA process aims to provide an objective assessment of the effect of new developments. The landscape element takes into account the sensitivity of the local landscape and the effect of changes on character and quality of landscape. Visual assessment considers the effect of the proposals on people in the landscape – whether they be walking, at home or working.


We carried out the work to support a community land trust in their bid to build a dozen affordable homes for local people on the edge of the village. The village is in the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, an area where great weight is given to conservation of landscape character. We were able to work with the developer’s architects to advise on the most acceptable location for the housing site and to set out a reasoned and objective assessment of it’s impacts on the local landscape.

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