Middle Yarnacott

Client: Private Client
Value: Undisclosed
Location: North Devon
Date: Underconstruction

The proposed scheme is to convert an existing redundant outbuilding currently used as external storage to a holiday let. The building’s perceived scale and massing is relatively small when viewed in context with the large listed farmhouse and well-established tree belt around the boundary of the property behind.

The proposed conversion will re-use as much of the existing building as possible. There is negligible change in existing ridge levels and no change in overall footprint of the building so the visual impact is minimal. The proposed internal general arrangement has been arrived at after careful consideration of the existing outbuilding, including levels, buildings in close proximity, and landscaping retaining a natural and rural appeal.

The existing walls are painted block work, and are proposed to be built up and rendered over then painted. The existing roof tiles are sagging and unstable, so a new profiled zinc roof is proposed. All fenestration and doors will be timber double-glazed. Thw glazing is proposed in line with current openings in the existing building in order to take advantage of the exceptional views out.

The materials mean that the proposed holiday let sits harmoniously within the site and are appropriate to the context of neighbouring listed building and surrounding agricultural and domestic architecture in the grounds and hamlet of Yarnacott contributing positively to the site and its setting. The proposed roof material of zinc is considered a good material for use in conservation areas and is well suited for use within the curtilage of a listed building

The energy consumption of the holiday let will be minimized as much as possible, with the installation of energy efficient heating and lighting systems. The walls will be retrofitted to current standards with high specification thermal insulation added to the walls, floors and new roof.

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