West Bradnich

Client: Private Client
Value: Undisclosed
Location: North Devon
Date: Completed 2019

The proposal was to demolish an existing double garage and rebuild on the same footprint as the existing, but incorporating a pitched roof to fit in with the character of the existing converted farm buildings behind to the west and with the single storey extension to the North of the existing house.

A timber framed structural solution was proposed. The walling has a stone base cladding of natural local stone, to match the plinth of the existing single storey extension opposite, with
horizontal stained timber cladding above. The pitched roof proposed was clad in natural slate with lead hip detail to match the main property. Windows & doors are stained timber.

Housing the client’s vehicle + rack on the roof set the height of the front doors. A storage floor above as space ancillary to the main dwelling was also proposed. A pair of inward opening glazed doors to the South has been proposed to permit movement of goods (e.g. surf boards etc.) up to the storage area without having to bring them up the twists of the staircase.

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